How to do your name change, for Arkansas


Paperwork Download rough sample document to petition the court for a name change.
                 Download optional rough sample carry letter.
Approximately $165
Be sure to call in advance to determine all that you may need.
Legal paperwork: Write up or download and complete a petition to the court to change your name.
$165 CASH EXACT CHANGE. They will not take check or debit/credit cards. They also do not supply change.
Bring your name change paperwork and your money to the Fayetteville County Courthouse on Dickson St and College Ave.
Go upstairs to County Clerk on the right who handles the name changes.
She will notarize your paperwork and give you a receipt, then direct you to what Judge to see. Judges usually take their lunch around 11am, so you may have to wait.
You will then go to the Judge's Secretary, some Judges will want to see you in person, some may not.
Once Judge signs off on the name change, go back to the County Clerk who will file and print off as many copies of your name change as you wish.
Congratulations, at this time, your new name is official. It may take up to 12 weeks for your new name to be updated in Vital Statistics.



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